Will BearCub enjoy his first Bear Run experience? That’s for you to decide in this adult-themed, gay bear story book where a happy ending depends on you!


In Bear Run First Night, you will lose yourself in each and every page as you help a recently out-of-the-closet gay man named BearCub as he navigates his first night attending a Bear Run.  


It’s an experience filled with hairy men, promiscuous propositions, a black-out room, and much more.   With 25 different endings, and you in control of the story progression, BearCub is counting on you to make his First Night one he’ll be sure to remember.



In this first release of Bear Run First Night, we've included 11 BONUS Bear Run Logic Problems that are themed around the First Night story.  Some of the puzzles even have hints embedded into the story pages that are needed for you to be able to find their solutions.  


Just watch out!  These aren't your mama-bear's logic problems.  Most of the subject matter deals with BearCub's escapades.  A few examples of the puzzle title's include:


  • BearCub Strips
  • Sexy Santas
  • Bear Run Flu
  • Open Relationships

Bear Run First Night

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Book Specs

  • ISBN:  978-1-7324023-0-0
  • Size:  (approximatley) 5.5"w  by   8.5"h  by 0.3"
  • Weight: 
  • Total Page Count:  92 (includes all pages)
  • Published By:  LOGICALBEAR


Book Contents

  • Complete Bear Run First Night Story
  • Includes 25 Different Endings - 
  • Page Navigation in Every Section - Allows you to quickly go back to your last decision instead of starting from the beginning. 
  • Story Path Checklist - Provides you every possible path in checklist form to ensure you read all the paths.  It's also organized in a way where you can see if you picked a  "Good" or "Not-So-Good" path. 
  • 11 Bonus LogicalBear.com Puzzles With Answer Key
  • Complete Table of Contents for First Night Story & Bear Puzzles.
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