Bear Run Buddies is an adult-themed puzzle and activity book where you provide the names of the characters featured. Written in story format from Logical Bear's perspective, these puzzles document all of you and your friend's taboo escapades as you attend a Bear Run.


Find out which one of you and your buddies hooks-up in the black-out room, takes the most number of swats with a paddle for charity, finds the biggest cock at the bathhouse, or finds yourselves in a much hotter situation.


Learn more about Bear Run Buddies below, or take a chance in life and order your copy today!  Don't forget to get copies for your buddies too.  


Types of Puzzles & Activities

  • Logic Problems
  • Word Searches
  • Foul Ball Stories (fill the balls and enjoy what happens)
  • and others!


Some are easy, some are hard.  Which will you prefer?


How Bear Run Buddies Works

  • At checkout, type five FIRST names separated by a comma into the box provided.
  • Confirm the names are typed exactly as you want them spelled in the book.
  • Names must be less than 20 characters.  (Size does matter in this case)
  • All characters in this book use the preferred pronouns He/Him/His.
  • We will take those names and feed them into the Bear Run Buddies book.


Delivery Expectations

Bear Run Buddies is made to order, and while it typically ships in the same time frame as other products it may require an additional 2 days to print, proof, and prepare for shipping.  


No Returns On Personalized Product

Because of it's personlized and customized nature, Bear Run Buddies is not eligible for returns/exchanges.

Bear Run Buddies

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Due to it's personalized nature, there are No Returns on Bear Run Buddies.

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